We are audiobranding experts.

We've created our own method that matches brand values with music, and we've researched into how that music influences emotions and decisions.

Using data, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and neuroscience we deliver an integral sound environment for your brand.

And yes, we're still artists   ;-)


We are experts in branding and marketing. We work to complete, improve and enhance your brand communication.


We think out of the box and we are immerse in the new reality and trends.

Research, Data & AI

We believe in a data driven process, facts and figures to assure right decisions.



We also like collaborative projects and we use neuroscience and AI as a critical source of information.


We subordinate creation to strategy. We count on artists, composers and marketers. We have an open ecosystem & network (Collaborative mind, digital mood and strong social feed.) We are creative and professional on branding.