Proud to share our first project

Audiobranding for Minsait, an Indra Company

Play The Result, it's only a 10-minute watch

About Minsait

Leading technology and consulting company operating worldwide, listed in the IBEX35 Spanish stock exchange index.



Revenues 3 Billion euros.


More than 40.000 employees.


Presence in 140 countries.


Key representatives from Indra's brand department sat down with our team to define what they wanted to express through their music.


The company already had a great visual branding and we were asked to develop the audiobranding using our own methodology, data, AI and neuroscience resources.


1.- Defining your brand identity and your target group is the first step toward finding the right music for your company. What are your brand values? What does your company sound like at the initial point? How do you want to position your brand?


2.- Find your music identity. Pinpoint the core values that you want to express through music and translate them into the soundtrack that reflects your brand. 


3.- Develop the music and neurotest it. Our composer starts composing the music, following the guidelines provided by our Data platform. Once he arrives to the company's soundtrack, we test that it works how is supposed to, into our Neuroscience labs.

4.- Show your Soundtrack. 

When we are done with the audiobranding, we are ready to perform and show it to each and every employee, client or partner.